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Mutual conversion.

in′ter·con·vert′ v.
in′ter·con·vert′i·bil′i·ty n.
in′ter·con·vert′i·ble adj.
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The cyanic/isocyanic acid mixture actually is in an equilibrium (i.e., interconvertible) between the two species, and isocyanic species is the agent of the carbamylation reaction (i.e., reacts with amines to form carbamides) (Eq.
Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz note that member bank reserve deposits and Federal Reserve notes "have always been interconvertible for banks and hence essentially equivalent, both as liabilities of the Federal Reserve System and in their function as high-powered money." (36) However, the framers of the Federal Reserve Act did not treat the two liabilities identically, most noticeably with respect to the disparate gold reserve requirements: 40 percent for notes compared with 35 percent for deposits.
Isobestic point is the wavelength where the molar absorptivity is the same for two substances that are interconvertible. Therefore, this wavelength is used to estimate both drugs accurately.
Vanadate(V) and vanadyl(IV) are easily redox interconvertible, but vanadate is the main inorganic vanadium species available for interaction with cellular functions [2,15-17].
The MSC and SNV yielded similar RMSECV values (columns 3 and 4 in Table 2), indicating that both methods reduce the particle size effects; moreover, these two alternatives are interconvertible [8].
Xanthine dehydrogenase and XO are two separate but interconvertible enzymes involved in oxygen radical production.
They form various 2D and 3D interconvertible topologies including closely packed rhombic, hexagonal and square symmetries (Lein 2001, Kuhn 2008).
The direction of many cellular processes depends on the 'redox state', which is a term that has been used to describe the ratio of the interconvertible oxidized and reduced form of a specific redox couple, such as thiol/disulphide.
Another study [16] introduces the Scalable Logic Module (SLM) architecture which like [17] makes use of the Shannon Decomposition to find NPN-equivalent interconvertible partial functions, which can allow the sharing of their memory tables.
Both FF dipeptides self-assembled nanotubes and nanowires are interconvertible. These two nanostructures have been studied for mechanical applications including biosensors, nanodevices, and conducting nanomaterials [44, 45].
Hirabayashi, "Ceramide and its interconvertible metabolite sphingosine function as indispensable lipid factors involved in survival and dendritic differentiation of cerebellar Purkinje cells," Journal of Neurochemistry, vol.