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Mutual conversion.

in′ter·con·vert′ v.
in′ter·con·vert′i·bil′i·ty n.
in′ter·con·vert′i·ble adj.


vb (tr)
to convert (two things) into one another
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Casein micelle is a fragile and dynamic structure which can be represented better by an ensemble of interconverting states than by an average state.
Obviously, a discovery of subtle interactions influencing the absolute configuration of the product formed in the reaction mediated by interconverting complexes of large phosphorus ligands cannot be accurate because of many entropic issues that certainly take place but are difficult to handle.
Single riboguanosine (g), arabinofuranosyl-guanine (araG), and 2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-arabinofuranosylguanine ([fl.sup.2']araG) replaced the dG9 of the 12-mer TAGGGTTAGGGT [147] that builds a mixture of two interconverting folds in [K.sup.+] solution: a dimeric parallel and a dimeric antiparallel GQ [66].
Path-entangled states are generated and manipulated on-chip, and distributed between the chips by interconverting between path-encoding and polarization-encoding.
Harris, "Interconverting the matrix and principal meridional representations of dioptric power in general including powers with nonorthogonal and complex principal meridians," Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics, vol.
Horvath, "Capillary zone electrophoresis of interconverting cis-trans conformers of peptidyl-proline dipeptides: estimation of the kinetic parameters," Electrophoresis, vol.
Indeed, when combined with efficient, inexpensive APM-enabled technologies for interconverting electrical and chemical energy, solar energy can provide both base-load electric power and liquid fuels on a global scale.
Either way such small difference only points out that the main product for the title reaction is in fact a mix of c/s and trans HONO rapidly interconverting one into each other with a slight prevalence of the c/s one.
An analysis of analytically calculated heating times for heat sterilization of round and square cross sections further verified the relationship, as well as showing it also is applicable to interconverting heating times between round and square cross sections when one is known but the other is not.
How he shows the "everydayness" of life flickering from despair to transcendence, like a molecule spontaneously interconverting between cis and trans isomers, is in my opinion the last word on the matter.
Version 97 brought in OLE, but now we're into the problems with interconverting versions.