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A device for cooling a fluid between successive heating stages.

in′ter·cool′ v.


(General Engineering) a heat exchanger used in a supercharger or turbocharger
échangeur thermique intermédiaire
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The freshness trio InterMopro, InterCool, InterMeat (21-23 September 2014) has been called off.
A joint project of the dti and the German Association of Cold Storage and Refrigeration Logistics (VDKL), the 30-page booklet made its first appearance during the InterCool Fair in Dusseldorf last September.
CDS Hackner GmbH chose the Eiger Door following the 2008 Intercool Exhibition in Dusseldorf.
Other companies, such as Sanden Intercool, a manufacturer of refrigerated showcases and freezers, reported strong business with visitors from major target markets.
The show trio comprising InterMopro, International Trade Fair Dairy Products, InterCool, International Trade Fair Frozen Foods, Ice Cream and Refrigeration Technology and InterMeat, International Trade Fair Meat, Cold Meat and Sausage is not suffering from exhibitor deficiency.
Leeds based Union Industries has found a new home for the groundbreaking Eiger Hi-Speed Freezer dour that stole the show at the Intercool 2008 exhibition in Germany.
Consisting of three food trade fairs: InterMopro, InterCool and InterMeat, the phrase "powered by Interpack" is being used to emphasize the support offered by the world's leading trade fair of the packaging industry.
With structured and stable cushioning, and fitted with Mizuno Intercool Technology.
Unveiled at the Intercool 2008 exhibition for the European frozen food sector, the Eiger Door is a new innovation for the German market, which offers a real alternative to traditional and ineffective freezer doors.
The FoodPro and the FoodPro Plus were on display at Intercool 2004 September in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Preparations for InterCool (frozen foods, ice cream and technology), InterMopro (dairy products) and InterMeat (meat and sausages), scheduled for next Sept.