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A device for cooling a fluid between successive heating stages.

in′ter·cool′ v.


(General Engineering) a heat exchanger used in a supercharger or turbocharger
échangeur thermique intermédiaire
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The Guangzhou-based venture is installing devices that optimise the air flow rate at the engine intercooler, according to the document.
This increased investment will result in a growing need for an automotive intercooler in vehicles.
This study is focused on fan drive and control unit for efficient cooling of the engine, intercooler, and the motor.
Methods and conclusions in this literature offer insight into studies of intercooled cycle, although some approximations have been made; for example, pressure loss in the intercooler was assumed to be small percentage of the entry pressure, and temperature after intercooler was regarded as constant.
This is where the intercooler comes in; placed between the outlet from the turbocharger's compressor and the engine intake plenum, it removes heat from the air flowing into the engine and transfers it to the surrounding atmosphere.
After completing repairing work in the vehicle, they said, the two cousins along with the said mechanics got into the intercooler (Pajeero) and were trying it on the Sugar mill bypass road.
Plan on spending about $5,000 for a complete kit (turbocharger, pipes, intake manifold, new injectors, intercooler and computer reprogramming).
Montero's other acclaimed features like 3.2 liter DOHC diesel engine with intercooler and to provide the vehicle formidable power and thrust.
An intercooler chills the compressed air, creating a denser intake charge for greater power and a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions well below Tier III requirements.
Powered by a quiet, fuel-efficient 121-hp engine, this excavator uses proven FPT diesel engine technology that includes direct injection with an intercooler turbo charger.
A new air filter, inlet hose and a completely new intercooler hikes the power further to 350bhp.