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Adj.1.intercrossed - produced by crossbreeding
crossbred - bred from parents of different varieties or species
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In multiethnic countries, power is intercrossed so if one takes the Ministry of Defense the other takes the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
ruziziensis breeding program conducted by Embrapa Gado de Leite, Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais State, and were intercrossed and produced progenies with pollen viability higher than 90% (PAULA et al.
3- In a forward genetic approach state-of the art lipidomics will be performed on a selected subset of Arabidopsis mutants and on the large genetic pool of intercrossed Arabidopsis accessions which will be exploited to reveal the genetic grounds for functional differences in the lipidome in response to a changing environment.
The first set of intercrossed progeny from the third backcross was planted in 2002.
It is necessary to develop the quality standards and intercrossed calibration for quantitative ultrasound devices in order to compare the results obtained by different devices.
Artisans Selliers brought the concept to life by creating intercrossed black lacing and binding two pink calfskin leather portions of the strap to the watch's pave diamond-coated lugs.
Fritche intercrossed smooth-white and off-white strains to develop hybrids that combined the favorable high-yield and mechanical harvesting characteristics of the off-white strain with the smooth round dense cap and bruising resistance of the white strain.
In some cases, we plant them on the borders of the field, sometimes they're intercrossed in the field.
The full effects of the Africanization of Othello were nonetheless quite complex, in part because Cassio was played by an African-American actor whose speech was American but intercrossed with polished, faintly British inflections that seemed fitting for a courtly, or perhaps slick, soldier.
the Fl generation), which are intercrossed to generate second-generation (FZ) progeny.
Landraces B and D can be intercrossed to form a composite and reciprocal recurrent selection can be implemented with it and landraces A or G.