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Adj.1.intercrossed - produced by crossbreeding
crossbred - bred from parents of different varieties or species
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In the four succeeding chapters, the most apparent and gravest difficulties on the theory will be given: namely, first, the difficulties of transitions, or in understanding how a simple being or a simple organ can be changed and perfected into a highly developed being or elaborately constructed organ; secondly the subject of Instinct, or the mental powers of animals, thirdly, Hybridism, or the infertility of species and the fertility of varieties when intercrossed; and fourthly, the imperfection of the Geological Record.
Briefly, 2 White Duroc sires and 17 Erhualian dams were mated to produce [F.sub.1] animals in 2001, from which 9 [F.sub.1] boars and 59 [F.sub.1] sows were intercrossed to produce 983 [F.sub.2] males and 929 [F.sub.2] females in 6 batches from 2003 to 2006.
In multiethnic countries, power is intercrossed so if one takes the Ministry of Defense the other takes the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
ruziziensis breeding program conducted by Embrapa Gado de Leite, Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais State, and were intercrossed and produced progenies with pollen viability higher than 90% (PAULA et al., 2014).
Reciprocal crosses between DDD and B6 strains produced DB ([female] DDD x [male] B6) [F.sub.1] and BD ([female]B6 x [male] DDD) [F.sub.1] mice, both of which were intercrossed to produce DB [F.sub.2] (n = 150) and BD [F.sub.2] (n = 150) male mice [11].
Then the four heterozygous male mice were imported to Peking University Third Hospital and matched and rotated with young female C57Bl/6 mice and bred eight generations; PCR male heterozygous mice were crossed with C57B1/6 females to give N1F0 offspring, which were subsequently intercrossed to generate N1F1 offspring.
The first set of intercrossed progeny from the third backcross was planted in 2002.
It is necessary to develop the quality standards and intercrossed calibration for quantitative ultrasound devices in order to compare the results obtained by different devices.
The two strains were intercrossed to transfer the [Ins2.sup.KO] allele to the NOD.[[beta].sub.2][m.sup.KO].HHD strain.
Artisans Selliers brought the concept to life by creating intercrossed black lacing and binding two pink calfskin leather portions of the strap to the watch's pave diamond-coated lugs.
The pores formed among randomly distributed fibers and different sintering joints, such as intercrossed joint points and line points, exhibit irregular and three-dimensionally interconnected structure.