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1. Located or made for use between the teeth.
2. Pronounced with the tip of the tongue between the teeth, as (th) in that or (th) in thumb.
An interdental consonant.

in′ter·den′tal·ly adv.


1. (Dentistry) situated between teeth
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics (of a consonant) pronounced with the tip of the tongue lying between the upper and lower front teeth, as for the th sounds in English thin and then
ˌinterˈdentally adv


(ˌɪn tərˈdɛn tl)

1. between teeth.
2. (of a consonant) articulated with the tip of the tongue between the upper and lower front teeth, as the fricatives (t) and (th) of thy and thigh.
in`ter•den′tal•ly, adv.
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A modified incision design was used, wherein the incision was given 1.5 mm apical to marginal gingival following the scalloped contour of marginal gingival from distal of 13 to distal of 23, the mucoperiosteal flap was elevated; vertical osteotomy cuts were placed interdentally to a depth of 1 mm up to the entire length of the root followed by decortications of the labial plate [Figure 2].
Direct anchorage from mini-implants placed interdentally between maxillary first molars and second premolars were used in the other clinical trials (Table 1) (22, 2527).
A self-administered questionnaire was made to collect the data which consisted of socio-demographic characteristics that is age, gender, marital status and field that is dental or non-dental, and an information related to interdental cleaning that included awareness about interdental cleaning, type of interdental cleaning device used, frequency of teeth cleaning, visits to dentists, reasons for not cleaning interdentally, whether gums bleed while brushing, or avoid flossing any part of your mouth, usage of fluoride rinse after brushing.
In the edentulous skulls a support was placed interdentally to leave an intercrestal space of approximately 15 mm; for this purpose, thick, non-deforming foam wedges were used to simulate the presence of teeth, thus maintaining the vertical dimension of the skull and the stability of the temporomandibular articulation.
'Neglecting to clean teeth interdentally can leave as much as 40% of the tooth surface untouched and exposed to bacteria.
The device's patented sonic technology uses a unique dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid between teeth to gently and effectively remove biofilm Interdentally and along the gingival margin.
The etched and cleansed teeth should be isolated interdentally with very fine strips to avoid composite spilling over adjacent teeth.
Chemotherapeutic agents can also be applied interdentally and site specifically using foam tips and Proxi-Tip (AIT Dental Inc., Tess Corporation, Eau Claire, WI) which acts as an interproximal brush and rubber tip in one design [30].
A matrix band (Union Broach Moyco) was applied to the prepared tooth and retained interdentally with a wooden wedge (Sycomore Interdental wedges No.
However, numerous studies have shown that most patients do not effectively clean interdentally to remove dental plaque daily.

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