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Noun1.interestingness - the power of attracting or holding one's attention (because it is unusual or exciting etc.); "they said nothing of great interest"; "primary colors can add interest to a room"
charisma, personal appeal, personal magnetism - a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others
power, powerfulness - possession of controlling influence; "the deterrent power of nuclear weapons"; "the power of his love saved her"; "his powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade"
newsworthiness, news - the quality of being sufficiently interesting to be reported in news bulletins; "the judge conceded the newsworthiness of the trial"; "he is no longer news in the fashion world"
topicality - the attribute of being of interest at the present time; "the library had to discard books that had lost their topicality"
vividness, color, colour - interest and variety and intensity; "the Puritan Period was lacking in color"; "the characters were delineated with exceptional vividness"
shrillness - the quality of being sharp or harsh to the senses; "the shrillness of her hair color"
uninterestingness - inability to capture or hold one's interest
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* Comparison of measures of interestingness of association rules did not significantly improved decision making for discarding a rule (Merceron & Yacef, 2008).
in computer science from Stanford University, investigating automated discovery based on "interestingness" heuristics, for which he received the 1977 IJCAI Computers and Thought Award.
For example, ranking and rating methods have been used extensively in research on aesthetic and affectiv reactions to paintings, music and other stimuli, using such scales as likability, pleasingness and interestingness (for reviews, see Berlyne, 1974; Pickford, 1972; Sluckin, Hargreaves & Colman, 1983).
* average recognition 57% * average proved recall 21% * average likability 59% * average found interesting 27% * average liked and found interesting 24% In nine out of ten cases, likability was a prerequisite for interest, although the degree of interestingness as a proportion of being liked varies.
* Design/generate possible solutions and constraints, evaluate feasibility and interestingness of solutions, tradeoffs, rank top three solutions * Identify ways of getting around some of the constraints (e.g., through partnership one can raise money that would not be available otherwise; to help students realize that partnership means lots of different things).
To investigate the perceived acceptance of our system and its activities, including usefulness, playfulness, interestingness and usability.
As to the interestingness of the learning, the mainstream game is intrinsically interesting to students.
It continued creating and examining concepts until the "interestingness" of operating on new or existing concepts (determined using some of AM'S heuristics) dropped below a threshold.
[8] defined interestingness elements as aesthetics, unusualness and general preferences and estimated them by making feature set.
Our government needs to take over this issue for redeeming Pakistanis interestingness.
In addition, the "Cosine" measures of interestingness proposed by Merceron and Yacef (2008) for association rules in educational data were adopted.
[11] put forward project category similarity and interestingness measure based collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm which could recommend information to users through calculating project categories and interestingness and had high prediction preciseness.