interfacial surface tension

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Noun1.interfacial surface tension - surface tension at the surface separating two non-miscible liquids
surface tension - a phenomenon at the surface of a liquid caused by intermolecular forces
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The DPPC and CP will absorb to the air-liquid interface of the mucosa and reduce the interfacial surface tension of the ET.
A net change in surface free energy equals to the difference in interfacial surface tension between a dry and a wet surface, ([[gamma]]-[[gamma]]), multiplied by the change in area covered by the droplet dx, as seen in Figure 4(b),
Therefore, this study was taken to characterise the effects of SDS, Tween-20, NaOct and CTAB on the surface and interfacial tensions and reduced viscosities of aqueous starch solutions and to get better understanding of structure/property relations and help to determine feasibility of certain applications i.e., by the ternary phase diagram, interfacial surface tension and viscosity measurement.

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