interfacial tension

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Noun1.interfacial tension - surface tension at the surface separating two non-miscible liquids
surface tension - a phenomenon at the surface of a liquid caused by intermolecular forces
tension interfaciale
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The static sessile drop method was applied at 50% humidity on injection molded samples to assess the interfacial tension of binary blends, the contact angles were measured using the tangential method, and were calculated based on the Young's Equation.
To our knowledge, although as yet no measuring method is applicable for the solid-liquid interfacial tension when DC passes through the solid-liquid interface, recent studies on effect of an applied DC on the solid-liquid interfacial reactions in metal-metal system have given an implication for the determination of the solid-liquid interfacial tension and the wettability.
The capillary number Ca = [[mu].sub.p]GH/[sigma] represents the ratio of viscosity force to interfacial tension [25], [[mu].sub.p] represents the viscosity of polymer solution, [[mu].sub.o] represents the viscosity of residual oil, and the viscosity ratio of residual oil and the polymer solution is [[lambda].sub.[mu]] = [[mu].sub.o]/[[mu].sub.p].
It is clear that the spreading area increases with temperature, which could be a result of the surface tension of Sn-Zn-In alloy decreasing with temperature [18] and may also be due to changes in interfacial tension.
The interfacial tension ([[gamma].sub.12]) can be determined from the surface energy and its disperse/polar components.
Subsequent sections in this review discuss how various NPs influence rheology, interfacial tension, wettability, and oil recovery.
This phenomenon was attributed to the decrease in interfacial tension with the increase in Polyglycerol polyricinoleate and lower the interfacial tension less the shear force required deforming the droplets.
The decreasing of interfacial tension on border "water/diesel fuel" in the presence of 0.5 wt % sorbitan monooleate of various manufacturers has been determined using the semi-dynamic method and using the back stalagmometer.
The most beneficial attribute of chemical injection (or chemical flooding) is its ability to reduce the interfacial tension (IFT) between the crude oil and the injected water, allowing the oil to be produced.
Repeated measurements were conducted on each sample from which equilibrium surface or interfacial tension values were obtained by averaging the values at very long periods, where the surface and interfacial tension values showed little or no change with time.
In the multiphase flow, interfacial tension force plays a crucial role.
Measurement of Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension. In polymer-surfactant mixed systems, polymer concentrations were 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 ppm, respectively, and BS-12 concentrations were 10-2000 ppm.

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