interference fringe

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Noun1.interference fringe - one of the light or dark bands produced by the interference and diffraction of light
optical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon related to or involving light
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However, there exists a resolution limit; the minimum period of the interference fringe is 6/2 for a conventional light source.
In this case, the zero-order interference fringe is defined as a single, it does not change its position when the double exposure.
where I(x, y), a(x, y), b(x, y), [phi](x, y), and (x, y) are the interference fringe pattern intensity, the background illumination, the modulation amplitude, the phase term, and the spatial coordinates of the surface under test, respectively.
Therefore comparative analysis of interference fringe images of reference passports and other passports under investigation can be performed with sufficient reliability.
where [alpha] is the rotation angle of the analyzer rotated until the innermost interference fringe merged using a Sennarmont compensator in a compensator slot, n is the number of interference fringe.
The technique uses two lasers set up so that their beams intersect at a point in space and produce an interference fringe pattern.
In addition, if white light is used, by noting the progression of the spectrum of interference fringe colors you can determine whether the specimen surface is rising or falling in the area being viewed.
The see-through display device is also characterized in that the hologram includes a first interference fringe recorded by two-beam interference using object light and reference light inputted to the first surface, the image light inputted to the first surface is deflected toward the interface by the first interference fringe, and the interface reflects the image light toward the first surface.
before the experiment the only one interference fringe was possible to be seen in the test space and after heating new interference fringes gradually appeared.
Using the fringe cycle method, the coordinate value on the Z-axis with the maximum local focus measure is taken as the height of each pixel, generating an interference fringe on the surface of the object with a two beam interference objective lens.
In addition, because the bi-prisms are adjustable independently, the field of view and interference fringe spacing can now be controlled independently.
The interference fringe can be aligned using the TIC slider without time-consuming sample orientation normally associated with polarization interferometers, according to the company.

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