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intr.v. in·ter·fered, in·ter·fer·ing, in·ter·feres
1. To be or create a hindrance or obstacle: The rain interfered with our plans to go on a picnic.
2. Sports To perform an act of interference.
3. To intervene or intrude in the affairs of others; meddle.
4. To strike one hoof against the opposite hoof or leg while moving. Used of a horse.
5. Physics & Electronics To cause interference.

[Middle English enterferen, from Old French s'entreferer, to strike one another : entre-, between (from Latin inter-; see inter-) + ferir, to strike (from Latin ferīre).]

in′ter·fer′er n.
in′ter·fer′ing·ly adv.
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Jeremy Cline, product manager at Rohde & Schwarz North America: "The need for more insight into the source of potential interferer continues to grow, and simple pass/fail results are no longer sufficient.
The news came as Easter Road chief executive Leeann Dempster denied being an "interferer" in Neil Lennon's controversial exit.
[beaucoup moins que]L'Algerie oeuvrera a lutter, dans le cadre arabe, contre les tentatives qui ciblent la securite et la stabilite des populations tout en respectant son principe de ne jamais interferer dans les affaires internes des autres pays[beaucoup plus grand que], rapporte-t-il.
1, the network under this investigation is affected by CCI signals, where [h.sub.I,x] ~ CN (0, [[OMEGA].sub.I,x] ) is the complex channel fading gain between the [] interferer and node X, where X [member of] {R, D}.
The main problem has historically been the lack of a way to identify the interferer. To this end, the SatGuard solution from Kratos has revolutionised this area and operators have reported time to resolution has dropped from hours, weeks, months to, in many cases, a matter of minutes.
where [[OMEGA].sub.c] is the power of the resulting signal (resulting interferer from (2)) interference signal at the i-th branch of the diversity system, given in the function of the average power of each interferer [[OMEGA]] as
"There is a need to choose between agreements with the brothers and allies on the one hand and the emergency regional interferer on the other.
Figure 3 shows the DTT signal on the left and to illustrate both cochannel and adjacent channel PR in the same picture; the interferer is shown both on cochannel with DTT transmission and on an adjacent channel on the right.
It can be extremely harmful if the strong interferer is located close to the desired signal or at harmonic frequency of the desired signal.
However, according to current rules the stewards had no alternative but to place Namhroodah behind Irish Rookie once they were satisfied that "on the balance of probabilities the interference improved the placing of the interferer in relation to the sufferer".
The Prince of Wales admits he is an "inveterate interferer and meddler" and his ardent opinions have been fully and freely aired over the years.