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intr.v. in·ter·fered, in·ter·fer·ing, in·ter·feres
1. To be or create a hindrance or obstacle: The rain interfered with our plans to go on a picnic.
2. Sports To perform an act of interference.
3. To intervene or intrude in the affairs of others; meddle.
4. To strike one hoof against the opposite hoof or leg while moving. Used of a horse.
5. Physics & Electronics To cause interference.

[Middle English enterferen, from Old French s'entreferer, to strike one another : entre-, between (from Latin inter-; see inter-) + ferir, to strike (from Latin ferīre).]

in′ter·fer′er n.
in′ter·fer′ing·ly adv.
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O is for Oar (as in "stick your oar in'' interferingly)