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The region of higher land between two rivers that are in the same drainage system.

[Back-formation from interfluvial : inter- + fluvial.]

in′ter·flu′vi·al adj.


(Physical Geography) a ridge or area of land dividing two river valleys
[C20: back formation from interfluvial, from inter- + Latin fluvius river]
ˌinterˈfluvial adj
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The geomorphons elements that define this unit occur more significantly in a strip that follows the centre-western part of the state associated with the Geomorphologic Domain Cristalandia Depression, which comprises metasedimentary rocks, and the Interfluve Tocantins-Araguaia Plateau with resistant sedimentary rocks.
Among the forest formations of the savanna, there is the 'cerradao' (forest savanna), that is usually associated with areas of interfluve, well-drained land and deep soils (Ribeiro and Walter, 2008).
and Lagothrix cana do not occur in the Purus-Iaco interfluve, although the distribution of these species includes much of Acre State (Iwanaga and Ferrari, 2002).
The main problems with groundwater quality in Pakistan is salinity, the concentrations of total dissolved solids (TDS) are higher, often upto greater than 3000 mg l-1, in groundwaters from the interfluve areas between the major river and canal tracts.
We have researched cryosolic soils of alas ecosystems of interfluves of Lena and Amga and interfluve of Tiung and Tiukyan rivers in left-bank part of Vilyuy River.
Corugea is located on the plat bridge of the interfluve Casimcea--Topolog.
However, he was the first to group Viljandi/Fellin, Valmiera/Wolmar and Koknese/Kokenhusen on the basis of their location on interfluve spurs (1939, 271).
sp: 'opossum, or wild cat' Rockhampton district QLD Wycarbah Gurang Gurang tribe [upper kinyi Burnett River] QLD Wakka Wakka tribe [Walla, Burnett indyun River/Dawson River interfluve, Maranoa boundary, Darling Downs (part), Nanango] QLD Goonine tribe [Lower Burnett River, Ginying Wide Bay] QLD Duungidjawu [SE Queensland and yinjdjun Brisbane River] QLD Dasyurus maculatus Gugu-Yalanji and Wik-Munken junarr [Bloomfield River] QLD ?
This region is characterized by relatively high dissection index (37 to 55) caused by interfluve area between Drarka-Brahmni and Bansloi rivers.
My conversation with Roberto Sierra and his wife, Virginia, began just before lunch at their suburban home high on an interfluve above Lake Cayuga and Ithaca, a short drive from Cornell University where Roberto is chair of the music department and teaches composition.
Calcretes from the Late Quaternary interfluve in the Ganga Plains, India: carbonate types and isotopic systems in a monsoonal setting.