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Dorsal view of the skull of female blackbuck showing parietal bone (a), frontal bone (b), zig-zag interfrontal suture (c), supraorbital foramen (d), orbit (e), fronto-nasal suture (f), facial tuberosity (g), maxilla bone (h), Internasal suture (i), nasal bone (j), nasal process (k), palatine process of incisive bone (l), palatine fissure (m), incisive bone (n), inter-incisive fissure (o).
Setae and setulae on head black; ocellar triangle with 2 ocellar setae and 3 short setae; frons with 3 orbital and 2 frontal setae on blackish brown orbital stripe without microtomentum, orbital setae lateroclinate and frontal setae medioclinate, 3 interfrontal setae; postocellar setae cruciate.
Persistent interfrontal fontanelles have been noted for Irenomys and Neotomys (Gardner and Anderson, 2001), but not in Euneomys.
The sutures separating the various bones are clearly visible; the interfrontal suture is also visible.
The superior part of the nasal septum and the interfrontal part of the septum were eroded, and the soft tissue in the area of the right medial canthus and both laminae papyracea was exposed.
Shimizu, "Distribution and modification of North Pacific Intermediate Water in the Kuroshio Oyashio interfrontal zone," Journal of Physical Oceanography, vol.
These foramina continued by the shallow supraorbital groove rostrally and caudally and were located equidistantly from the interfrontal suture, approximately 1.9 [+ or -] 0.1cm and 4.72 [+ or -] 0.52 cm away from caudodorsal rim of the orbit and base of the cornual process, respectively.
Parafrontalia with (2-)3 orbital setae, 3(-4) frontal setae, without additional setulae; frontal vitta with pair of crossed interfrontal setae.
(5) Other variants include a pneumatised crista galli or cells of the interfrontal septum.
Chaetotaxy: a pair of interfrontal setae, outer vertical setae slightly divergent; a pair of upper orbital setae slightly divergent; two pairs of lower orbital proclinate.