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Being or occurring between galaxies: intergalactic space.

in′ter·ga·lac′ti·cal·ly adv.


(Astronomy) of, relating to, or existing between two or more galaxies: the dark clouds of intergalactic space.


(ˌɪn tər gəˈlæk tɪk)

of, existing, or occurring in the space between galaxies.
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Adj.1.intergalactic - between or among galaxies; "intergalactic space"


[ˌɪntəgəˈlæktɪk] ADJintergaláctico


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stuff that existed about 12 billion years ago or earlier) show near-perfect agreement between the number of UV sources and the ionization rate of intergalactic hydrogen.
In the past decade, supercomputer simulations of galaxy formation have become so sophisticated that they can actually predict how galaxies form and are fed: gas funnels onto galaxies along thin "cold streams" which, like streams of snow melt feeding a mountain lake, channel cool gas from the surrounding intergalactic medium onto galaxies, continuously topping up their supplies of raw material for star formation.
7 Intergalactic was a 1998 UK top ten hit for which Boys?
MASS EFFECT 3 PC, Xbox 360, PS3 pounds 34.99-pounds 39.99 PC, Xbox 360, PS3 pounds 34.99-pounds 39.99 After hundreds of hours of sci-fi space opera storytelling, the Mass Effect trilogy draws to a close as Commander Sheppard gears up once again to defend a galaxy on the brink of intergalactic genocide.
The Silver Surfer - a mysterious intergalactic being with incalculable strength and the power to manipulate matter comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction.
An intergalactic collision is providing astronomers with a giant payoff: the first direct evidence of the invisible material that theorists say holds galaxies together and accounts for most of the universe's mass.
Some of the army of intergalactic robots preparing to launch an invasion on part of London.
Thus begins an intergalactic journey of 167,000 light years with his space suit "Oscar," where he and a younger child from Earth named Peewee must satisfy an alien court that Earth should not be destroyed.
9 (5) Treasure Planet (U) Intergalactic twist on a classic pirate adventure.
The eponyms of Scott Spencer's 1995 novel Men in Black are intergalactic disinformation specialists who pay ominous unannounced visits to those who have spotted extraterrestrials.
The halos around quasars - the brightest and the most active objects in the universe, they are galaxies formed less than 2 billion years after the Big Bang; they have supermassive black holes in their centers and consume stars, gas, interstellar dust and other material at a very fast rate - are made of gas known as the intergalactic medium and extend for up to 300,000 light-years from the centers of the quasars.
"We think 'sideline quasars' located out of the telescope's view reionized intergalactic helium gas from different directions, preventing it from gravitationally collapsing and forming new generations of stars," he said.