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Being or occurring between generations.


(ˌɪn tərˌdʒɛn əˈreɪ ʃə nl)

of, occurring between, or intended for individuals in different generations.
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They're enrolled in the on-campus daycare and learning center open to both Pines staff members' kids and children from the community, Pines' intergenerational program provides intellectual, social and emotional growth for the youngsters, while the seniors find their daily lives enhanced and brightened by interaction with their "grandchildren.
Contract notice: continuation of a counseling center for intergenerational living in berlin under the name "netzwerkagentur generationenwohnen" for the period 2018-2019.
Global Banking News-November 7, 2017--BNY Mellon awarded 'Best Private Bank for Intergenerational Wealth Management'
ONEgeneration, one of many intergenerational childcare centers that have been spurting up across the country, focuses on creating high quality interactions among adults and children during the early development stages of childhood.
She offers practical suggestions for how librarians can help to combat the general publics negative perception of gaming by collaborating with youth patrons to design Intergenerational Game Nights.
The report, which comes as the thank-tank launches its Intergenerational Commission, warns that a post-Brexit downturn could depress millennials' wages further.
Their topics include inequality of educational returns in France: changes in the effect of education and social background on occupational careers, social background and education in occupational attainment in Italy, inequality in education returns in Japan, the effects of parental social background on labor market outcomes in Russia, education and the intergenerational transmission of advantage in the US, and a comparison of the intergenerational transmission of inequality and education in 14 counties.
True intergenerational experiences are not easy to create.
Its results pointed out that elders and young people referred to a profitable closer relation between them, stressing the importance of the program of health promotion targeting intergenerational relationships.
IN response to Mrs O Schubert's recent letter regarding a lack of things to do for older people in Redcar, I would like to point out there is an Intergenerational Day (not as formal as the title might suggest) once a month at Coatham Memorial Hall.
The majority of the literature on equity of opportunities focuses on the study in intergenerational income mobility, which could be defined as the correlation between children's income in their adulthood and parent's income.
This review examined current literature on intergenerational workplaces to identify effective strategies for retaining differing generations in nursing.