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Being or occurring between two or more social groups: intergroup relations; intergroup violence.
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occurring between two or more groups, esp social groups
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Intergroup threat is the perception of members of one group that another group may cause them harm (Chen & Zhao, 2015).
This guide explains how to facilitate intergroup dialogues about race in high school and college classrooms, teacher professional learning communities, and other settings.
The Vote for Children coalition has linked up with MEPs from the European Parliament Intergroup on Children's Rights to encourage candidates running in the elections this month to become Child Rights Champions.
In the current study, we focus on first year students of color making the transition into an MSI, and utilize social-cognitive frameworks to understand how past experiences of bias and race-based threat may motivate students' concerns about intergroup relations and race-based rejection, and ultimately inform their reasons for deciding to attend an MSI.
The intergroup comparison of BT and CT in menstrual cycle phases was done by Wilcoxon sign-ranks test.
Teaching groups how to have productive, constructive conversations is key to her role as an assistant professor in communication and in education and counseling at Villanova University and as director of the Program on Intergroup Relations in the university's Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
Although political discussions may succeed in social influence (e.g., Atkin, 1972; Huckfeldt & Sprague, 1991; McClurg, 2003) or in transmitting political information (e.g., Eveland, 2004; Mutz, 2002, 2006), this investigation examined what social costs are incurred by these intergroup interactions.
Dyarco International Group and Intergroup, affiliated to Al Faisal Holding Group, jointly organised activities on the occasion of National Sport Day.
The curriculum and methodology are based on Intergroup Dialogue (IGD), an evidence-based set of practices that have been used and continuously improved for more than three decades to address social justice issues in educational and community settings (Adams, 2007; Maxwell et al., 2011; Zuniga et al., 2007).
Additionally, intragroup competition (i.e., competition within a group) and intergroup competition (i.e., competition between groups) within the video deliverymarketplace will be covered.

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