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1. The growing of one thing with or into another.
2. Mineralogy The growing together of crystals from two or more minerals.


the process or act of growing among each other


(ˈɪn tərˌgroʊθ)

growth or growing together, as of one thing with or into another.
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These two main minerals are in tight intergrowth with unstructured solid organic matter, kerogen, altogether composing the pure mudstone oil shale.
Extremely fine intergrowth between galena and sphalerite minerals inhibits selective flotation separation and favours bulk flotation.
Conversely, the magnetic, non-magnetic and red earthy gravels became cemented only through impregnation and intergrowth of Fe-Mn-Al oxides.
According to the Andersen's (1984) classification, the inclusion and intergrowth patterns in garnets may be divided in two categories, taking into account their shape and orientation and the crystallography of the garnet host (FIGURE 10).
The tomographic images revealed characteristic Windmanstttan patterns, intergrowth of kamacite and taenite, which provide information about how quickly the meteorite crystallised between solid and liquid and how the concentrations of nickel and iron changed as the meteorite cooled down (a few degrees every million years).
Finally, the presence of irregular to rounded micritic carbonate clasts, which sometimes include smaller quartz and feldspar grains and sometimes show intergrowth with clays and oxides/hydroxides, would be indicative of reworking processes (Fig.
It occurs through most of the sample as an intergrowth with dolomite (15-75%) rhomb sections (Figures 4a-b, 8d-f).
ties for the sector also onsolidation and M&A and drink companie opportunities in interGrowth opportunit come in the form of coactivity.
But Kyzylkum's phosphate rock, along with a high degree of carbonation is characterized with thin intergrowth of phosphate minerals with calcite, therefore attempts of flotation enrichment were not successful (Amirova, 1983; Boiko, 1980; Kuzovlev, Maltsev, and Pugach, 1981).
Geometric Classification of basic intergrowth patterns of minerals.
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