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1. The growing of one thing with or into another.
2. Mineralogy The growing together of crystals from two or more minerals.


the process or act of growing among each other


(ˈɪn tərˌgroʊθ)

growth or growing together, as of one thing with or into another.
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Most of the rocks are characterized by abundant granophyric intergrowths (Fig.
According to Andersen (1984), texturally sector-zoned garnets from graphitic schists can display two types of inclusions: type-1 inclusions and type-2 inclusions (or more properly intergrowths, according to Burton, 1986), which also have been observed from garnet in metapelitic rocks of the San Lorenzo Schists (FIGURE 6).
ARC Research Hub for Australian Copper-Uranium director Stephen Grano said: "Much of South Australia's copper deposits are actually very fine intergrowths of a range of different metals and minerals.
Gold mainly appears as isolated grains but also sparsely occurs in the form of intergrowths with quartz (Fig.
Although the final aim of this research is working with real mineral particles, first attempts of texture characterization have been carried out on a series of textures in synthetic biphasic particles that represent the intergrowths described by Gaudin (1939) in a simple way (Fig.
Galena formed irregular intergrowths with sphalerite and was abundant in a few thin layers in zinc and copper-zinc ore (Payne et al.
4] system (Mason, 1947) were subsequently revised by the analysis of magnetite-franklinite-pyrophanite intergrowths from Sterling Hill, New Jersey (Valentino et al.
In the present study distinct intergrowths of titanite and ilmenite are described from a granodiorite dyke of the Krudum granite body in the Horni Slavkov-Krasno ore district.
Perthitic and myrmekitic intergrowths are observed in few sections.
Granophyric (more wormy) to graphic (more cuneiform) intergrowths between feldspar and quartz are evident in three samples (DDH 79-6-174.