interior drainage

inte′rior drain′age

a drainage system whose waters do not continue to the ocean either on the surface or underground, but evaporate within the land area.
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[section] The approach we took was to connect the short crawlspace to the tall crawlspace, provide interior drainage and separate the wood structure from the rubble foundation with a capillary break, then insulate on the inside with spray polyurethane foam.
We won't go into detail on how to complete some of the more difficult jobs, like installing an interior drainage system, but we'll show you how they work and what's involved in their installation.
Inside, the property is fitted out to a high specification which includes "Polar" floor tiling, interior drainage and stainless steel food preparation units.
A total of 15 levee crossings were designed to pass interior drainage through the line of protection.
After the Laramide Orogeny of the early and middle Eocene, a series of interior drainage basins was formed in Mexico by block-faulting or volcanic-damming of drainage systems.
Interior drainage systems consist of a pipe installed along the perimeter of the basement floor and connected to a sump pit and pump.
Improvement to existing pumping stations and six new drainage pumping stations were provided to remove interior drainage during high water conditions.

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