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The first entry is the head word (in blue, bold font), followed by a phonetic transcription [in square brackets and red], parts of speech (i.e., n, pro, v, adj, adv, prep, conj, and interj, in black), and English definitions, beginning with the most frequently used, followed by Iban example sentences (in blue italics) and sentence translations (again, in black).
likely to interj ect their concerns into corporate law.").
(7) n qetqet men di ne le ART bird.sp bird 3SG TAM take [sub.j][[=n qi'i- 'ama' ane].sup.P], ne ot wal =ART head- corpse DEM TAM put straight sag sa le =n qi'i-gi, [...] ale upwards exactly LOC =ART head-3SG INTERJ duru =k van 'o [sub.j][[empty set].sup.P] 3DL =TAM go carry hither ma va'ane, Van 'o [sub.j][[empty set].sup.P] hither now Go carry ma le =n lolo nime hither LOC =ART inside house 'The qetqet bird, it took the head of the dead body, put (it) right up onto its head.
573b: [??] interj.: The user is referred to [??] (p.
(6) Wow, kah-mon, barrah-diadjarrk-men-rokrok, interj. 3sg-good 3du-together-men-similar kah-mon.
D'in la t'o t'ong t'o a INTERJ PAST.CL COND lie(SG) IRR lie(SG) FOC n-yil.