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"Gracious heavenly Father--that's the way the ministers say it in church, so I suppose it's all right in private prayer, isn't it?" she interjected, lifting her head for a moment.
Then the person at the other end of the wire must have plunged into something very interesting and absorbing, for Tom did not again interrupt by interjected remarks.
It was six blocks long, and in each block two or three brick stores, three stories high, towered above interjected bunches of little frame shops.
"Why does the Lombardy poplar hold its branches straight up in the air like that, when all the other poplars hold theirs out or hang them down?" interjected Peter, who had been gazing intently at the slender spire showing darkly against the fine blue eastern sky.
"That is true," interjected Clayton, "yet we must not overlook the fact that except for himself the only human beings within hundreds of miles are savage cannibals.
"Yes: ideas of robbery, murder, and regicide," again interjected an ironical voice.
"They will never dream you are with us," Guggenhammer interjected, as the outlining of the matter drew to a close, his handsome Jewish eyes flashing enthusiastically.
"Such beautiful ears, doctor, dear," interjected Susan with a relish.
"And the highest, finest, right conduct," I interjected, "is that act which benefits at the same time the man, his children, and his race."
"Why, you're the sweetest, easiest tempered man I know," she interjected.
For love, I believe," she interjected very quickly, "and came to no harm.
"Sincerely--" she interjected, as he was about to speak.