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v. in·ter·laced, in·ter·lac·ing, in·ter·lac·es
1. To connect by or as if by lacing together; interweave.
2. To intersperse; intermix: interlaced the testimony with half-truths.
To intertwine: "As the earth thaws, numberless little streams are formed to overlap and interlace with one another" (Joyce Carol Oates).

in′ter·lace′ment n.
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As to the sentiments of Solomon and Jonah, they were held in utter suspense: it seemed to them that the old will would have a certain validity, and that there might be such an interlacement of poor Peter's former and latter intentions as to create endless "lawing" before anybody came by their own--an inconvenience which would have at least the advantage of going all round.
Well-differentiated leiomyosarcomas are composed of spindle cells, with elongated nuclei, granular chromatin, and abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm presenting a fascicular interlacement. Poorly-differentiated leiomyosarcomas are more cellular because of the scarcity of cytoplasm, with round to elongatecells and granular chromatin maintaining a fascicular interlaced pattern similar to that of the well-differentiated leiomyosarcoma (HENDRICK, 2017).
(D) Drawing-in: Weaving is basically interlacement of two sets i.e.
The grounds on which she makes these comparisons (interlacement, the privileged narrative position of the second estate, the fair unknown) make sense; the comparisons are revealing.
The phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty shows a central concept of his philosophic proposal: the notion of interlacement between man and the world (1,2).
Carol Jamison examines textual interlacement in George R.
Such symbolic interlacement, standardizations, perceptions, and practices constitute the experience of being a mother.
This kind of preparation is necessary, otherwise the projected particles cannot achieve a mechanic interlacement, besides of allowing a deposit of the coating free of impurities.
249), or to Dooyeweerdian phrases such as "enkaptic interlacement" (p.
Such understanding of harmony is the source of the most important principles of Shakespeare's architectonics; it is based on polyphony, the contrasting interlacement of motives and characters, in one word, on everything that realized the musical principle of agreement in diversity.