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v. in·ter·laced, in·ter·lac·ing, in·ter·lac·es
1. To connect by or as if by lacing together; interweave.
2. To intersperse; intermix: interlaced the testimony with half-truths.
To intertwine: "As the earth thaws, numberless little streams are formed to overlap and interlace with one another" (Joyce Carol Oates).

in′ter·lace′ment n.
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1. to join together (patterns, fingers, etc) by crossing, as if woven; intertwine
2. (tr) to mingle or blend in an intricate way
3. (usually foll by: with) to change the pattern of; diversify; intersperse: to interlace a speech with humour.
interlacedly adv
ˌinterˈlacement n
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(ˌɪn tərˈleɪs, ˈɪn tərˌleɪs)

v. -laced, -lac•ing. v.i.
1. to cross one another as if woven together; intertwine: Their hands interlaced.
2. to unite or arrange (threads, strips, parts, etc.) so as to intercross one another, passing alternately over and under; intertwine.
3. to mingle; blend.
4. to diversify by intermingling: intersperse.
[1325–75; Middle English < Middle French]
in•ter•lac•ed•ly (ˌɪn tərˈleɪ sɪd li) adv.
in`ter•lace′ment, n.
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Past participle: interlaced
Gerund: interlacing

I interlace
you interlace
he/she/it interlaces
we interlace
you interlace
they interlace
I interlaced
you interlaced
he/she/it interlaced
we interlaced
you interlaced
they interlaced
Present Continuous
I am interlacing
you are interlacing
he/she/it is interlacing
we are interlacing
you are interlacing
they are interlacing
Present Perfect
I have interlaced
you have interlaced
he/she/it has interlaced
we have interlaced
you have interlaced
they have interlaced
Past Continuous
I was interlacing
you were interlacing
he/she/it was interlacing
we were interlacing
you were interlacing
they were interlacing
Past Perfect
I had interlaced
you had interlaced
he/she/it had interlaced
we had interlaced
you had interlaced
they had interlaced
I will interlace
you will interlace
he/she/it will interlace
we will interlace
you will interlace
they will interlace
Future Perfect
I will have interlaced
you will have interlaced
he/she/it will have interlaced
we will have interlaced
you will have interlaced
they will have interlaced
Future Continuous
I will be interlacing
you will be interlacing
he/she/it will be interlacing
we will be interlacing
you will be interlacing
they will be interlacing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been interlacing
you have been interlacing
he/she/it has been interlacing
we have been interlacing
you have been interlacing
they have been interlacing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been interlacing
you will have been interlacing
he/she/it will have been interlacing
we will have been interlacing
you will have been interlacing
they will have been interlacing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been interlacing
you had been interlacing
he/she/it had been interlacing
we had been interlacing
you had been interlacing
they had been interlacing
I would interlace
you would interlace
he/she/it would interlace
we would interlace
you would interlace
they would interlace
Past Conditional
I would have interlaced
you would have interlaced
he/she/it would have interlaced
we would have interlaced
you would have interlaced
they would have interlaced
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Verb1.interlace - spin,wind, or twist togetherinterlace - spin,wind, or twist together; "intertwine the ribbons"; "Twine the threads into a rope"; "intertwined hearts"
distort, twine, twist - form into a spiral shape; "The cord is all twisted"
wreathe, wind - form into a wreath
twine - make by twisting together or intertwining; "twine a rope"
wattle - interlace to form wattle
plash, pleach - interlace the shoots of; "pleach a hedge"
ravel, tangle, knot - tangle or complicate; "a ravelled story"
splice - join by interweaving strands; "Splice the wires"
2.interlace - hold in a locking position; "He locked his hands around her neck"
hold, take hold - have or hold in one's hands or grip; "Hold this bowl for a moment, please"; "A crazy idea took hold of him"
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A. VTentrelazar
B. VIentrelazarse
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vt threads etcverflechten; (in cloth also) → verweben; cloth (with thread) → durchwirken; fingersverschlingen; (fig) scenes, stylesverflechten
visich ineinander verflechten; (twigs)verschlungen sein
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References in classic literature ?
For delays: give easy access; keep times appointed; go through with that which is in hand, and interlace not business, but of necessity.
These men would set out from Montreal with canoes well stocked with goods, with arms and ammunition, and would make their way up the mazy and wandering rivers that interlace the vast forests of the Canadas, coasting the most remote lakes, and creating new wants and habitudes among the natives.
What would happen then?" The question on the cover of the Lost Children Archive echoes through the book, which interlaces the journeys of a family heading from their New York home on a road trip through the US, with stories of the perilous trek north for immigrant children hoping to be reunited with relatives in the States.
Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams are among the stars of which new film, which interlaces two stories set fifty years apart?
This moment is one outcome of Galadriel's information gathering in FR scenes 38 and 39 and also interlaces with the subsequent uses that are made of the gifts, although in those scenes there are no visual flashback references to the gift giving moment itself.
The Book Of Tea was in fact written in English, in order to prove accessible to English-speakers, and presents chanoyu (literally "the way of tea") as a spiritual culture and a ritual that interlaces with the "Art of Life" itself.
It interlaces fibers at 45[degrees] and 90[degrees] angles and even in spirals.
Each component has well-defined and public interlaces, published services and known collaborations with other components.