tr.v. in·ter·lam·i·nat·ed, in·ter·lam·i·nat·ing, in·ter·lam·i·nates
1. To insert between layers.
2. To arrange in alternating layers.

in′ter·lam′i·na′tion n.
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After reviewing fracture mechanics and setting out the basics of XFEM, he covers static fracture analysis of composites, the dynamic fracture analysis of composites, the fracture analysis of functionally graded materials, delamination and interlamination crack analysis, and new orthotropic frontiers.
Wurtzite at Llallagua forms rosettes of tabular crystals, large and fine hemimorpic crystals, fibrous masses, and interlaminations in marcasite/pyrite replacements of pyrrhotite, associated with galena, franckeite and a carbonate (siderite or rhodochrosite).