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n. pl. in·ter·leaves (-lēvz′)
A blank leaf inserted between the regular pages of a book.


n, pl -leaves
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a blank leaf inserted between the leaves of a book


(ˈɪn tərˌlif)

n., pl. -leaves (-ˌlivz)
an additional leaf, usu. blank, inserted between the printed leaves of a book, as to separate chapters or provide room for a reader's notes.
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Noun1.interleaf - a blank leaf inserted between the leaves of a book
folio, leaf - a sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book)


nleeres Zwischenblatt
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Users of all News 2000 models can choose from four plate-loading options: feed tray, semiautomatic loader (no interleaf removal), single-cassette autoloader (interleaf removal) and multiple-cassette autoloader (maximum of three cassettes and interleaf removal).
CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels offers a line of interleaf wheels for fast, uniform surface preparation and finishes.
Standard features include paper interleaf operation, a tangential feeder for careful product handling, a one-minute changeover between overwind and underwind mode, and automatic sample strips with programmable length.
California based software company BroadVision will acquire Massachusetts based supplier of document-management systems Interleaf for $851.
Waltham, Massachusetts-based Interleaf Inc, an electronic publishing and documentation house, has completed a $7m private placement investment led by its own president and CEO Jaime Ellertson.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Interleaf has made available BusinessWeb 2.
Interleaf purchased the Panorama product line--a collection of SGML publishing and viewing products--to expand its content management and complex publishing offerings.
Electronic publishing and documentation software house Interleaf Inc has formed a new unit to focus on XML-based content management systems for E-business applications.
Document management company Interleaf Inc is beefing up its BladeRunner product by acquiring Swedish outfit Texcel International AB, which provides XML-enabled content management software.
By combining new document management solutions from Interleaf and new CD-ROM recordable solutions from Young Minds, users will have a fully integrated and scalable solution for authoring, managing, and distributing document collections on CD-ROM.