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Of, relating to, involving, or representing different leagues: interleague baseball games.

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This is only the Sox's second trip to Atlanta since interleague play began.
Squads for the two Mid Shropshire teams in the last eight of the revised Shropshire senior interleague championship later this month will also be finalised tonight.
The two finalists were instrumental as Ormskirk won the Merseyside Senior Interleague title at George Scott's earlier this month.
But he also is familiar with the Indians pitching staff because of their annual series against the Reds and got a feel for the AL Central as a whole during interleague play last year.
With the advent of the wild card (1995) and interleague play (1997), the playing field (pardon the pun) no longer was level.
The topic is interleague play in Major League Baseball.
Boston plays its first away interleague games of 2013 tonight and Thursday night in Philadelphia.
For the first time baseball history, there will be ( interleague play all year-round.
Which sport has an annual interleague championship final known as the Super Bowl?
Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) announced on Thursday that as the official airline of the New York Yankees and New York Mets baseball teams it will host an interactive three-day event to celebrate the teams' interleague series.
Inside The Numbers: Second Interleague Attendance 2010 (
Alfred also represented Coventry in the Interleague match with Birmingham earlier the same year.