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Of, relating to, involving, or representing different leagues: interleague baseball games.

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Since the 20th season of interleague play has been completed, I would like to know the won-lost records for all major-league teams during interleague competition (1997-2016).
THE 2016 Senior Interleague gets underway this coming Sunday (April 17) at George Scott's with defending champions Conservatives looking to repeat their triumph of last year.
The topic is interleague play in Major League Baseball.
For the first time, interleague play will take place throughout the entire year.
MLB Prepares for 100 Million in Interleague Attendance, First Weekend Down From '08 (http://bizofbaseball.
BOSTON - The heady aroma of Boston's athletic success in the new century will be in the air when the Red Sox open a six-game interleague homestand tonight at Fenway Park.
Officials also will hold the traditional interleague game, scheduled against the Dominican Republic, Garcia said.
White Sox third base coach Joey Cora was suspended for two games and fined, while Pierzynski was fined for the incident in last week's interleague game.
Over the past 10 years, interleague play has become one of the rites of summer for baseball fans, Interleague play arrives with a lot of fanfare, as so-called "natural rivals" square off while new teams from the other league come to town for the first or second time, theoretically creating a set of unusual and attractive matchups that get the fans excited and boost attendance.
The Atlanta Braves can beat the Seattle Mariners in tonight's live Interleague baseball clash on Five, writes Dexter King.
DTZ League champions Belper have qualified to play in the National League next season after finishing top in the men's interleague tournament at Milton Keynes yesterday .