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n. pl. in·ter·leaves (-lēvz′)
A blank leaf inserted between the regular pages of a book.


n, pl -leaves
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a blank leaf inserted between the leaves of a book


(ˈɪn tərˌlif)

n., pl. -leaves (-ˌlivz)
an additional leaf, usu. blank, inserted between the printed leaves of a book, as to separate chapters or provide room for a reader's notes.
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Noun1.interleaf - a blank leaf inserted between the leaves of a book
folio, leaf - a sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book)


nleeres Zwischenblatt
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The multi-phase boost converter interleaves the clock signals of the paralleled power stages, reducing input and output ripple current without increasing the switching frequency.
India, July 17 -- Researchers claim that theoretical 3D chip stack that interleaves next-gen memory and logic technologies using carbon nanotubes which could lead to pocket-sized super computers.