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tr.v. in·ter·leaved, in·ter·leav·ing, in·ter·leaves
To provide with interleaves or an interleaf.
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(ˌɪn tərˈli vɪŋ)
a method for making data retrieval more efficient by rearranging or renumbering the sectors on a hard disk or by splitting a computer's main memory into sections so that the sectors or sections can be read in alternating cycles.
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[ˌɪntəˈliːvɪŋ] Ninterfoliación f, intercalación f (Comput) → intercalación f
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First you wrap a layer or two of blanket around your body, for a sort of cushion and to keep off the cold iron; then you put on your sleeves and shirt of chain mail -- these are made of small steel links woven together, and they form a fabric so flexible that if you toss your shirt onto the floor, it slumps into a pile like a peck of wet fish-net; it is very heavy and is nearly the uncomfortablest material in the world for a night shirt, yet plenty used it for that -- tax collectors, and reformers, and one-horse kings with a defective title, and those sorts of people; then you put on your shoes -- flat-boats roofed over with interleaving bands of steel -- and screw your clumsy spurs into the heels.
DAC interleaving also results in a signal-to-quantization noise ratio (SQNR) improvement.
After the intelligent converter adjusts the remaining two current outputs for 180[degrees] interleaving, as shown in Figure 2c, the ripple decreases to 7.9 mV.
A vacuum Paper interleaving attachment is also available for use with the 750, and allows for individual precut sheets of waxed paper to be placed under each patty for either fresh or frozen applications.
The concept of interleaving is that of increasing the effective pulse frequency of any periodic power source by synchronizing several smaller converters and operating them with relative phase shifts.
Task interleaving or task management: According to Landau, task interleaving is one of the most commonly underutilized applications in a Tier 1 WMS.
The XLFidelity ADC front-end chipset consists of two companion ASICs that integrate signal conditioning, amplification, and interleaving functions for interleaving up to four high-speed ADC devices.
The UCC28220 and UCC28221 peak current-mode controllers use advanced interleaving techniques to control two isolated power stages to maximize power density, reduce output current ripple and improve transient response.
PPL Flexible Packaging has started producing a range of plastic interleaving sheets for the UK food market.
The connector design requires no interleaving shields, and the IMLAs are independent from each other.