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tr.v. in·ter·leaved, in·ter·leav·ing, in·ter·leaves
To provide with interleaves or an interleaf.


(ˌɪn tərˈli vɪŋ)
a method for making data retrieval more efficient by rearranging or renumbering the sectors on a hard disk or by splitting a computer's main memory into sections so that the sectors or sections can be read in alternating cycles.


[ˌɪntəˈliːvɪŋ] Ninterfoliación f, intercalación f (Comput) → intercalación f
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First you wrap a layer or two of blanket around your body, for a sort of cushion and to keep off the cold iron; then you put on your sleeves and shirt of chain mail -- these are made of small steel links woven together, and they form a fabric so flexible that if you toss your shirt onto the floor, it slumps into a pile like a peck of wet fish-net; it is very heavy and is nearly the uncomfortablest material in the world for a night shirt, yet plenty used it for that -- tax collectors, and reformers, and one-horse kings with a defective title, and those sorts of people; then you put on your shoes -- flat-boats roofed over with interleaving bands of steel -- and screw your clumsy spurs into the heels.
The two PWM signal difference is 180 degree and each switch is controlled in the interleaving method.
And, in the 30-GHz example, each path was sampled at 40 GHz, which was achieved by time interleaving a few slower speed ADCs.
The dynamic response modification and the magnetic component volume reduction are other features of the interleaving structure [10].
Clean rooms will consist of clean rooms BL3, which will include a one-way gate personnel with facilities for cleaning (Grade D, C, B), two interleaving material locks (Grade B), box titration of viruses (Grade B), box cell passage (Grade B) and accessible technical space (Grade D) surrounding on three sides by its own clean rooms.
Ahlstrom Reliance Tandem or interleaving is the concept of combining two layers of SBS sheets, each offering specialized performance for sequential wrapping.
The results obtained from posttests demonstrate an advantage of interleaving representations.
The device is a single flash converter with 8 bits of resolution that samples at 10 Gs/s and eliminates interleaving problems because there are no subconverters to interleave.
There are many papers studied the interleaving technique effects on the convolutional codes.
Vislink's latest enhancements for wireless cameras--Deep Interleaving and Long Period Diversity software technologies--are combined in live broadcast for the first time during the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 last December.
To reduce the effect of these burst errors, binary data interleaving of the images prior to modulation is required [9-11].
Turbo Interleaving Inside the Cdma2000 and W-cdma Mobile Communication Systems: a Tutorial