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in·ter·line 1

tr.v. in·ter·lined, in·ter·lin·ing, in·ter·lines
To insert between printed or written lines.

in′ter·lin′e·a′tion (-lĭn′ē-ā′shən) n.

in·ter·line 2

tr.v. in·ter·lined, in·ter·lin·ing, in·ter·lines
To fit (a garment) with an interlining.
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But in the end there can be no substitute for the literally painstaking project of examining the notes, page by page, slip by slip, correction by correction, interlineation by deletion, to derive the best portrait possible of how Madison's testament gained its final form.
This first chapter of Part II deals with erasure and overwriting, crossing out, subpuncting, interlineation, and marginal insertions.
No corrections to a Bid made by interlineation, alteration or
The manuscript itself may have contained 'alternatives': that is, besides the illegibility which may come from hasty writing or damage to the manuscript, there are possibilities such as revision, deletion, correction, overwriting, interlineation.
Manuscript HM 136 does also contain twenty-four other interlinear insertions, many of them with a real caret, (19) but those caret marks for interlineation seem to be by the scribe, whereas the seeming carets that accompany circles and/ or virgules differ in ink color, size, and style.
Nothing in the will connects Will Shakspere to the theater except an interlineation, a late addition in another hand that leaves small sums for commemorative rings to three men, his "fellows" in their acting company.
This subtle interlineation is a much more demanding sort of reproduction than that involved in simply quoting one's own first edition, and Douglass engages in it partly, it would seem, out of a superabundant sense of power that he drew from his own literacy.
When Madison introduced the amendments in Congress, he proposed interlineation with the Constitution.
The interlineation of "[ca]tapult has given place to cannon" (l.
Pepys had a horror of interlineation and insisted on an immaculate neatness in all things, and though one sequence was intended it was never done.
Either way, one wonders whether the utility of the book might have been better served by the kind of enhanced connectivity between texts afforded by a hypertext format, in which the numerous blank pages and much of the symbolism and interlineation could be replaced by point-and-click links between the manuscripts and their revisions.