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The anthology is best read front to back in order to hear the method and theory of interlingual, intradialogic tracks.
However, Donegal marks a major interlingual boundary between Irish, Ulster Scots and Ulster English (Gregg 1972:114).
Like "eye dialect and interlingual punning" in Cahan and Henry Roth, which are "products of a discordance between speech and writing" (p.
In 2011 we will bring out another special issue, under the guest editorship of Florence Boos, on "Nineteenth-Century Working Class Writing." We also have solicited essays on interlingual translation, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British women writers, and "The Book Culture Industry," which will appear in future volumes.
According to Roman Jakobson's 1959 triad, intralingual translation "or rewording is an interpretation of verbal signs by means of other signs of the same language," interlingual translation "or translation proper is an interpretation of verbal signs by means of some other language," and intersemiotic translation "or transmutation is an interpretation of verbal signs by means of signs of nonverbal sign systems." Transmutation is a form of translatability brought to actual reality in its reconstruction in different sign systems in a variety of contexts: in verbal signs--in native or foreign languages--or nonverbal--pictorial, acoustic, and other--signs of many kinds, creating a sophisticated collection of intertwined signs.
Zatlin firmly proposes that a translation should read--that is, play--like an original text, and that a theatre translator must attend to questions beyond those of interlingual transfer.
Language use in interlingual families: A Japanese-English sociolinguistic study.
(9) Joshua A Fishman, 'Digraphia Maintenance and Loss among Eastern European Jews: Intertextual and Interlingual Print Conventions in Ashkenazic Linguistic Culture Since 1800'.
This new mathematics goes by the name "fractal geometry." From the first, it is interdisciplinary (and interlingual) in its scope.
In an academic context, moreover, a plurilingual vision of subalternity also throws down the gauntlet at the feet of programs in languages and cultures, that concentrate primarily on a single European national literary tradition or a single line of interlingual communication.