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An extra lining between the outer fabric and regular lining of a garment.


(Clothing & Fashion) the material used to interline parts of garments, now often made of reinforced paper


(ˈɪn tərˌlaɪ nɪŋ)

1. an inner lining placed between the ordinary lining and the outer fabric of a garment.
2. material used for this purpose.
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Interlining, also called interline ticketing and interline booking, is a commercial deal between individual airlines to handle passengers traveling on routes that call for multiple flights on multiple airlines.
Interlining, also known as interline ticketing and interline booking, is a commercial agreement between individual airlines to handle passengers traveling on itineraries that require multiple flights on multiple airlines.
Thus for the selection of a proper interlining it is important to know not only the mechanical properties of the whole fused panel but also the mechanical properties of the built-in shell fabric and interlining [1].
com)-- Facing the fierce competition in the interlining industry, Interlining Source Limited decided to make more efforts to attract talent in the industry, from home and abroad, and let them work together to improve the competitive edge of the company.
British Airways will implement e-ticket interlining with 80 new partners through Amadeus in the next two years.
However, the IATA interlining system is just one of four different systems used around the world, and an industry consultation carried out by the Commission in 2004 revealed that, within the EU, IATA has a relatively small share of interlining as a whole.
Interlining allows passengers to check-in just once even if they are travelling with more than one airline.
As a leading global manufacturer of highly-developed textiles, with Hansel, we will be able to offer additional sophisticated interlining solutions.
8220;The national direction regarding the economic restructuring is to build a customer-led economy in the post-crisis environment,” Sam Lee said, the Managing Director in Interlining Source Limited (http://www.
It will concentrate on leisure routes to South East Asia and the Pacific, and also code share with Qantas and offer interlining, unheard of for what will be essentially a long haul budget carrier.
The Commission recognises interlining is a clear benefit for consumers which should be maintained, but wonders whether this could be achieved through less restrictive means than IATA tariff conferences," it said.
Multilateral interlining allows passengers to purchase a single ticket in a single currency and a single transaction, and travel with checked-through luggage over the lines of more than one airline.