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Speech between two or more persons; conversation.

[Latin interlocūtiō, interlocūtiōn-, from interlocūtus, past participle of interloquī, to interrupt : inter-, inter- + loquī, to speak; see tolkw- in Indo-European roots.]
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conversation, discussion, or dialogue
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(ˌɪn tər ləˈkyu ʃən)

conversation; dialogue.
[1525–35; < Medieval Latin interlocūtiō parley, Latin: interlocutory decree, interruption =interlocū, variant s. of interloquī to speak between, interrupt (inter- inter- + loquī to speak)]
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A good continued speech, without a good speech of interlocution, shows slowness: and a good reply or second speech, without a good settled speech, showeth shallowness and weakness.
It welcomes professionals from different geographical regions, provides in-service education and adapts the educational resources according to the professional's local reality, as well provides interlocution with different realities.
Competences reflect the current stage of discussion and consolidation of knowledge on the Brazilian reality and are the element for international interlocution in the discussion on the organization of assistance in SRH.
Also, largely invisible to a Western mind are yin-yang forces that control the open-shut of several "unrelated themes" (Gentz, 2015) in Chu Long's interlocution with Dowager Queen Zhao.
It is known that this is not an exclusive difficulty of the municipality, it is also identified in other studies the inter-sectoral difficulties regarding the articulation with the care network, reference processes and against reference and interlocution of the professionals involved.
The other is collaborative decision making, where designated leaders still make the important calls, albeit based upon interlocution with others team members possessing relevant information.<br />Consensus is a more democratic and dynamic form of decision making.
Two fundamental differences are that, first, Shakespeare is translated more frequently, into more languages, and with greater diversity than most writers; and second, that the word "Shakespeare" no longer signifies vertically and downwards--which once made derivatives feel subservient--but has recovered the virtues of openness and flexibility, central to its native sense: that of being poetic drama, a source for multiple forms of creative interlocution across eras and cultures.
Interlocution with Marx's critique in the essay The Jewish Question (1844) which points out limits placed on bourgeois society and the restriction of rights in the field of political emancipation.
It is worth noting that despite its normative aspect, strategic planning, when performed jointly by all subjects involved (users of the healthcare system, health providers and managers) is an interesting interlocution to foster the operationalization of the group activities.