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Of or relating to the four-day period between the old and new moon when the moon is not readily visible.
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(ˌɪn tərˈlu nər)

pertaining to the moon's monthly period of invisibility between the old moon and the new.
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He dons his coat of darkness, on the stage Walks, and achieves his wonders, from the eye Of living mortal safe as is the moon "Hid in her vacant interlunar cave." Delusion bold!--and faith must needs be coy--How is it wrought?
Atwood's works which make use of mythology at some level range from novels (see The Robber Bride, for instance), to short stories (see Good Bones), to poetry (see Interlunar, Circle Game), and several others, not to mention the ones previously referred to here.
/ Hidden in her vacant interlunar cave." (5) So far as these arguments take into account the representational displacement of woman by a speaking male subject--that is, a fixed positioning of sexualities--they ought to be reconsidered in light of the move from the first wave of radical feminism to its later, less polarized forms.
Since then, she haas published fifteen volumes including The Circle Game (Anansi, 1967); The Animals in That Country (Atlantic Little-Brown, 1968); The Journals of Susanna Moodie (Oxford University Press, 1970); Procedures for Underground (Atlantic Little- Brown, 1970); Power Politics (Harper & Row, 1973); You Are Happy (Harper & Row, 1975); Selected Poems (Simon & Schuster, 1978); Two- Headed Poems (Oxford, 1978); True Stories (Oxford, 1981); Interlunar (Oxford, 1984); Selected Poems II: Poems Selected and New, 1976--1986 (Houghton Mifflin, 1987); Selected Poems 1966--1984 (Oxford, 1990); Margaret Atwood Poems 1965--1975 (Virago Press Limited, 1991); Morning in the Burned House (Houghton Mifflin, 1995); and Eating Fire: Selected Poems, 1965--1995 (Virago Press Limited, 1998).
"[P]rejaundiced sky" reminds me of Milton's moon in her "vacant interlunar cave": the whole line is packed with latent suggestiveness.
"The Handmaid's Tale, Cat's Eye, and Interlunar: Margaret Atwood's Feminist (?) Futures (?)" Narrative Strategies in Canadian Literature.
(Atwood herself has painted watercolors as illustrations or covers for her books.) Other volumes of verse are The Animals in that Country (1968), You Are Happy (1974), and Interlunar (1984).
Interlunar, her tenth collection of poetry, appeared in 1984.
Wordsworth is of course amused by the act of imaginative erasure this ruse of costuming is supposed to prompt, but he discovers a fairly noble dramatic analogue in the opening speech of Samson Agonistes, in which Samson, lamenting his blindness, complains, "The Sun to me is dark / And silent as the Moon, / When she deserts the night, / Hid in her vacant interlunar cave" (86-89).