intr.v. in·ter·med·dled, in·ter·med·dling, in·ter·med·dles
To interfere in the affairs of others, often officiously; meddle.

[Middle English entermedlen, from Old French entremedler : entre-, between (from Latin inter-; see inter-) + medler, to mix; see meddle.]

in′ter·med′dler n.
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a person who intermeddles
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Maintenance consists in maintaining, supporting or promoting the litigation of another, with most courts requiring that the maintaining party act as an officious intermeddler and be without any interest in the litigation.
But the opposer must show that it is not an intermeddler, and instead has a real interest in the proceeding.
Rather, he's a gratuitous and officious intermeddler. I don't want him to maintain my road nor use my beach nor step onto my property for any reason.
A person who loses an expected inheritance because an intermeddler defames her might be entitled to damages corresponding to the lost inheritance.
"I have been unwilling, therefore, in these early days of my retirement to give interviews, make speeches, or write extensively about them because I wished to avoid being an officious intermeddler" He wanted only to "engage in some dignified employment."
As contracts scholar Banks McDowell argued nearly a half century ago, parties to a marital bargain ought not to and may not regard the court as an intermeddler in their private fight, but rather as an impartial referee whose decision must be accepted as the fair and equitable resolution of their controversy.
is an "officious intermeddler," and no salvor at all.
Should one of us have the temerity to take legal action--to insist that it is our air, our water, our law--she will be greeted with the kind of condemnation usually reserved for the antisocial: stranger, officious intermeddler, special interest, protection racket, corruption.
A clear majority of the jurisdictions have decided that it was not reasonably foreseeable that an intermeddler would both take the auto and then negligently operate it.
28 "Necessitous Intervention: The Altruistic Intermeddler," c.
for generous farm subsidies," and the beef-cattle farmers of Council Bluffs, where the residents rely less on subsidies and "the federal government is seen as an officious intermeddler. ...Des Moines has more votes...but in 1994 the balance of opinion was tilted more to the Council Bluffs side." With Barone's engaging style, you might actually pick up the Almanac if you aren't doing research.