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Lying or occurring between two extremes or in a middle position or state: an aircraft having an intermediate range; an intermediate school.
1. One that is in a middle position or state.
2. An intermediary.
3. Chemistry A substance formed as a necessary stage in the manufacture of a desired end product.
4. An automobile that is smaller than a full-sized model but larger than a compact.
intr.v. (-āt′) in·ter·me·di·at·ed, in·ter·me·di·at·ing, in·ter·me·di·ates
1. To act as an intermediary; mediate.
2. To intervene.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin intermediātus, from Late Latin intermedius : Latin inter-, inter- + Latin medius, middle; see medhyo- in Indo-European roots.]

in′ter·me′di·a·cy n.
in′ter·me′di·ate·ly adv.
in′ter·me′di·a′tion n.
in′ter·me′di·a′tor n.


(ˌɪn tərˈmi di ə si)

the state of being intermediate or of acting intermediately.
References in classic literature ?
Her looks asked him to forgive her for having dared, by Natasha's intermediacy, to remind him of his promise, and then thanked him for his love.
22) At the level of sensitive appetition, however, a new element enters in; the subject still tends to a good that is perfective of it, but it does so through the intermediacy of the notion of the delectable or pleasurable.
constitutes for Pilate neither a candid philosophical inquiry nor a merely rhetorical question but something murkier, and the character-shaping intermediacy of his stance emerges again in one more question that Webster puts in his mouth.
As it is relevant to the topic, we will quote the saying of a father whose name we do not know: "O, how the angels rejoice when a sinner enters the Kingdom of Heaven through the intermediacy of penitence
Distal fibers of MPFL are inserted to proximal two thirds of patella, and proximal fibers to vastus intermediacy tendon.
An alternative approach, still involving protracted numerical calculation based on Schroedinger's equation, relies on the intermediacy of density functionals instead of basis functions that mimic amplitude functions of the hydrogen atom; in this case the spatially dependent densities of electronic charge replace those amplitude functions as quantities to be varied to obtain the best energy of the system.
She covers myth and religion in the interpretation of Eros in the Symposium; the development of the concept of poverty from deficiency to abundance; the intermediacy of Eros; metaphysics, motion, and morality; poverty in the ascent to the vision of beauty; and catharsis and the purification of Eros.
Thus, despite promoting theories of sexual and gender intermediacy, Carpenter curtailed his associations of the socially useful male invert with femininity and derided men who manifested too much of this element, who were, from his perspective, too abnormal to be recuperated.
It should be understood that the hybrid cultivars or strains are not simply first generation hybrids, but represent various degrees of stabilized intermediacy, essentially representing all degrees of variation between the parental groups, so that there is continuous variation among fiber races, and similarly continuous variation among narcotic races.
Many published keys acknowledge intermediacy if not overlap between these taxa in all of these characters (Table 2; reviewed by Parkinson 1979).
This is, as it were, a super-art which, without the intermediacy of Ideas at all, directly articulates ultimate reality.