intermediate school

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intermediate school

(Education) NZ a school for children aged between 11 and 13

interme′diate school`

1. a school for grades 4 through 6.
2. a junior high school.
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at hilda walker intermediate school, 19900 south 80th avenue, tinley park.
Al Nuaimi said that the ministry would extend the attendance time in eight intermediate schools, in accordance with a plan to stretch the day for students.
Abdullah Al-Dukhaini, a spokesman for the Education Ministry, told Arab News that the ministry decided to move the teaching of jihad from the high school level to intermediate school because intermediate students are prepared to learn the "correct concept of jihad" before "erroneous concepts" reach them.
CUTLINE: (1) Douglas Finance Director Jeanne Lovett, left, Building Commissioner Adelle Reynolds and Intermediate School Principal Beverly Bachelder sign one of the girders.
Both girls want to rule the Hive, the group of super-popular girls who sit atop the social strata of John E Kennedy Intermediate School.
Take Intermediate School 89, in Lower Manhattan, which he profiled in his September 10, 2003, column.
Grenfell Intermediate School Council in Collaboration With a Multi-Stakeholder Action Committee.
During the interwar decades reformers advocating the democratization of education favored creating an ecole unique, an intermediate school to be positioned between primary and secondary schools and intended to facilitate movement from primary to secondary schools at a time when compulsory primary schooling ended at the age of thirteen (raised to fourteen in 1936).
The area around Suva Intermediate School is no more contaminated than many southeast Los Angeles neighborhoods.
It was the first rehearsal for the 1989 eighth-grade graduation from Walt Whitman Intermediate School in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

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