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Lying or occurring between two extremes or in a middle position or state: an aircraft having an intermediate range; an intermediate school.
1. One that is in a middle position or state.
2. An intermediary.
3. Chemistry A substance formed as a necessary stage in the manufacture of a desired end product.
4. An automobile that is smaller than a full-sized model but larger than a compact.
intr.v. (-āt′) in·ter·me·di·at·ed, in·ter·me·di·at·ing, in·ter·me·di·ates
1. To act as an intermediary; mediate.
2. To intervene.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin intermediātus, from Late Latin intermedius : Latin inter-, inter- + Latin medius, middle; see medhyo- in Indo-European roots.]

in′ter·me′di·a·cy n.
in′ter·me′di·ate·ly adv.
in′ter·me′di·a′tion n.
in′ter·me′di·a′tor n.
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Adv.1.intermediately - to an intermediate degree; "intermediately hot"
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A ponderous tow-headed Swiss woman, who put on many fine-lady airs, but was evidently more used to washing linen than wearing it, sat in a corner seat and put her legs across into the opposite one, propping them intermediately with her up-ended valise.
These grades can be either fully, partially or intermediately hydrolyzed in nature.
Long are the days when farms were intermediately turned into green humongous carpets of maize and wheat.
All carbapenemase positive strains, including MBL and CHDL were found to be resistant or intermediately susceptible to carbapenems with MICs of imipenem and meropenem ranging from 8 to >128 mg/L.
in a study from northern part of India in 2006 found, out of 381 MRSA isolates, 2 were vancomycin resistant while 6 were intermediately resistant to vancomycin.
The frequency of MAGE-A1-specific response was also mildly correlated with that of SSX-2 ( r = 0.372, P = 0.003), but the magnitude was intermediately correlated between the two ( r = 0.653, P = 0.000).
Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) field officer Meor Razak Meor Abdul Rahman today suggested that Pasir Panjang in Segari Manjung is gazetted as a state park intermediately.
equi infection: Vap A virulence associated antigen (pulmonary or intestinal lesions of foals, pulmonary lesions of AIDS patient); Vap B intermediately virulence associated antigen (submaxillary lymph nodes of pigs, pulmonary lesions of AIDS patient) and avirulent (isolated from soil).
Color masterbatches are usually based on mono-color concentrates, which are produced on single-screw extruders in a separate processing step, intermediately stored and then fed into the twin-screw extruder in a second step.
Extracted fatty acids of oil showed no inhibition activity against E.coli but inhibited intermediately against rest of microbes.