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I have a certain claim to at least an elementary knowledge of psychology, and in this matter I am convinced--as firmly as I am convinced of anything--that the Martians interchanged thoughts without any physical intermediation. And I have been convinced of this in spite of strong preconceptions.
The essence of knowledge management can only be seen within the context of the knowledge complexity continuum (explicit to tacit) and the level of intermediation, externalization, and internalization or cognition that is needed in an organization.
The reduced depository intermediation stemmed from emerging problems of asset quality, which, in turn, prompted both the pulling back of depositories from lending and responses by regulators that reinforced those tendencies.
Inspired by the seminal work of McKinnon [Money and Capital in Economic Development, 1973] and Shaw [Financial Deepening in Economic Development, 1973], the literature on economic development has focused considerable attention on the relationship between financial intermediation and economic growth.
Still, if its effects have been widespread, its origins were narrower: the crisis had its roots in the financial sector and manifested itself first through disruptions in the system of financial intermediation.
This paper provides a empirical evidence that the financial intermediation disturbances can generate business cycles.