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Lying or occurring between two extremes or in a middle position or state: an aircraft having an intermediate range; an intermediate school.
1. One that is in a middle position or state.
2. An intermediary.
3. Chemistry A substance formed as a necessary stage in the manufacture of a desired end product.
4. An automobile that is smaller than a full-sized model but larger than a compact.
intr.v. (-āt′) in·ter·me·di·at·ed, in·ter·me·di·at·ing, in·ter·me·di·ates
1. To act as an intermediary; mediate.
2. To intervene.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin intermediātus, from Late Latin intermedius : Latin inter-, inter- + Latin medius, middle; see medhyo- in Indo-European roots.]

in′ter·me′di·a·cy n.
in′ter·me′di·ate·ly adv.
in′ter·me′di·a′tion n.
in′ter·me′di·a′tor n.
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Noun1.intermediator - a negotiator who acts as a link between partiesintermediator - a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
mediatrix - a woman who is a mediator
conciliator, make-peace, pacifier, peacemaker, reconciler - someone who tries to bring peace
diplomat - a person who deals tactfully with others
harmoniser, harmonizer - a mediator who brings one thing into harmonious agreement with another
interpreter, translator - someone who mediates between speakers of different languages
marriage broker, matcher, matchmaker - someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others
moderator - someone who mediates disputes and attempts to avoid violence
negotiant, negotiator, treater - someone who negotiates (confers with others in order to reach a settlement)
second hand - an intermediate person; used in the phrase `at second hand'; "he could learn at second hand from books"
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Someone who acts as an intermediate agent in a transaction or helps to resolve differences:
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These are an excessive movement of the investment portfolio commonly aimed at increasing the revenues deriving from the commission for the bank or other financial intermediary; the lack of a due impartiality in offering instruments of saving, which, compared with some banks, the product of others would suit better the needs of the clients; the scarcity of due diligence or even a malicious negligence on the part of financial advisers regarding the protection of related interests to the portfolio of their clients; and the concession of financing on the part of the banking intermediator in a subordinate manner to the contextual subscription of other financial products issued by the same, but not convenient to the client.
In the post-independent African society, it was impossible for direct imperial control and exploitation; however, Salim behaved like an intermediator who embodied the imperial discourses and continued its influence.
Finally, the Betweenness Centrality index of the president (14.67) is explained by the fact that he directly subordinates all political authorities and all agencies, except GRU and VTU, causing the president's office to be a natural intermediator in many relationships.
eBay will function in this new capacity as the intermediator for consumers, collecting funds from buyers on its site and working with its new payment processor partner (Adyen) to disburse those funds to sellers.
The association acts as an intermediator of a multi-faceted Arabic culture serving its role in an intercultural dialogue through film.
Its access to Belgium offers the company not only stable financial performance, but also strict requirement for service due to heavy competition ETIC SOE Management mode: Its local subsidiary previously played a role as a sale intermediator. Inadequate autonomy limited the activity of management, enlarged its talent shortage and weakened client loyalty due to slow feedback response.
Rajendran (2007) in his study tried to prove that Banks with larger deposit bases could gain relatively, by externalizing the Risk Management practices and to understand the intermediator role of the banks due to the Derivative exposure.
Owing to the stylistic elements of the documentary genre this film nevertheless serves as an intermediator of historical knowledge that has the potential to teach its audiences about this genocide, basically explaining that the death of more than 800,000 people was the work of the Devil and that the actual murderers, ethnic politics, the church, and the West as bystanders are blameless.
Thank you once again Gulf News, to be the much appreciated intermediator as always.
It views banks as an intermediator of financial services and assumes that banks collect funds (deposits) and transform them into loans and other assets.
There are doubts about the financial management, especially on the contracting of services in the area of education, such as the impediments of remuneration of public-sector workers in the activities of CHE, specified in the Normative Instruction of the Federal Audit Court, which finishes up inducing the presence of an 'intermediator' for passing on the funds (21).
intermediator in deciphering the sense of scenes depicted, letting