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1. Stopping and starting at intervals. See Synonyms at periodic.
2. Alternately containing and empty of water: an intermittent lake.

in′ter·mit′tence n.
in′ter·mit′tent·ly adv.
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Noun1.intermittence - the quality of being intermittent; subject to interruption or periodic stopping
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
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On the absence of intermediate varieties at the present day -- On the nature of extinct intermediate varieties; on their number -- On the vast lapse of time, as inferred from the rate of deposition and of denudation -- On the poorness of our palaeontological collections -- On the intermittence of geological formations -- On the absence of intermediate varieties in any one formation -- On the sudden appearance of groups of species -- On their sudden appearance in the lowest known fossiliferous strata.
I remember he wound up with my health, proposed in a speech of small variety and considerable intermittence.
Meanwhile, the biological effects can be sustained for a period of time after the intermittence of stimulation.
We consider the battery charge from power grid rather than renewable resource because of the intermittence of renewable energy.
The intermittence of Zika virus RNA detection in urine samples (fluctuation between negative and positive [C.
As such, we stress that the primary advantage of developing CSP technology is the technology's ability to mitigate solar intermittence by storing power generation excesses and plug power generation deficits.
Beaucoup n'ont jamais fait que des petits boulots par intermittence.
Thus, it may be unclear if intermittence really occurs or if the failure on recovering leptospires from infected animals is a reflex of the low sensitivity of culturing.
Sophronia's perennial subjection to an intermittence of structural dismantlement of one half of the city, its superimposition on another half and vice versa perpetuates our oft-mentioned theme of repetition and return.
The vegetal landscape of riverine forest bordering streams of course, has a character linked to the high volatility of the intermittence of the latter.
02-Achille : Ce coursier de metier, qui a excelle a ses debuts mais qui a connu des passages a vide, par intermittence, demeure neanmoins competitif pour une place payante a l'arrivee.