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On the absence of intermediate varieties at the present day -- On the nature of extinct intermediate varieties; on their number -- On the vast lapse of time, as inferred from the rate of deposition and of denudation -- On the poorness of our palaeontological collections -- On the intermittence of geological formations -- On the absence of intermediate varieties in any one formation -- On the sudden appearance of groups of species -- On their sudden appearance in the lowest known fossiliferous strata.
I remember he wound up with my health, proposed in a speech of small variety and considerable intermittence. I took a cigar, and went upstairs to look at the lights of which he had spoken that blazed so greenly along the Highgate hills.
Graceful intermittences of text form a dark grid, a manuscript or a map."I've worked really hard on this show", she says.
En effet, les changements des saisons et les diffAaAaAeA@rentes intermittences de la vAaAaAeA@gAaAaAeA@tatio influences et les variations qui ont cadencAaAaAeA@ la vie sAaAaAeA@dentaire et rur l'observation des positions alternatives de la lune et du soleil, alors seuls astres visibles AaAaAeA l'AaAaAeA@poque, sont autant d'arguments qui ont per depuis des lustres, d'ordonner le temps.
An inverted palimpsest arises, expressing the mechanism of memory, with its layers and intermittences, in a visual fashion.
Sans intermittences. Certains n'attendaient meme pas la fin des morceaux interpretes pour applaudir.
The own and peculiar family carrier, the knot tying and linking its members, changes, distances, intermittences and dynamics of divergent social and cultural experiences but simultaneous, are the resources that generate memories, forgiveness and silences of a narrative production that brings together the past and the present with an ensemble of demands, obligations and feelings moral in tension.