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Noun1.intermittency - the quality of being intermittent; subject to interruption or periodic stopping
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
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"Patients who present with components of metabolic dysfunction should be routinely queried with respect to urological function, particularly voiding symptoms such as intermittency, incomplete emptying and nocturia, as well as the degree of associated bother.
"That said, we must be realistic about what even very big offshore wind farms such as this can actually offer; intermittency really is a problem, and the emissions savings are not cheap.
Molchanov (mathematics, North Carolina U.) accomplished much (he has published over 250 papers), and not the least of which was his participation in the development of the intermittency theory for non-stationary random particles.
Integrating large amounts of wind power presents many challenges with regard to grid upgrade costs, power quality and of course intermittency management.
Airtricity, which is building a 500-megawatt wind farm in the Thames Estuary, claims that the scale of the project would eliminate intermittency, a common problem with on-shore wind farms.
This volume is the product of a workshop held at the Newton institute at the University of Cambridge intended to capture and summarize recent developments in the area of intermittency in turbulent flows, encourage cross-fertilization of ideas, and lay out research directions for the future.
Considering the potential intermittency of this resource, it is not currently considered as firm capacity.
Section I discusses nonlinear dynamics, including the intermittency route to chaos, evolutionary and deterministic chaos, and phase synchronization as well as example systems.
"When you have more than one lagoon the different locations mean you can smooth out the power generation--you remove the intermittency."
The same fears were sounded off in the mass development of wind power capacities in Northern Luzon - with their intermittency posing some distress into reliable operations of the power grid.
The report notes that solar and wind are still challenged by intermittency, which will require natural gas to fill gaps in output.