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Within the last few, years American and English vessels engaged in the extensive whale fisheries of the Pacific have occasionally, when short of provisions, put into the commodious harbour which there is in one of the islands; but a fear of the natives, founded on the recollection of the dreadful fate which many white men have received at their hands, has deterred their crews from intermixing with the population sufficiently to gain any insight into their peculiar customs and manners.
But nowadays this meme is intermixing with Islamic views and values and causing real turbulence between people of different sects.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 23 (ANI): The Congress party on Saturday averred that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its leadership should avoid intermixing religion and politics.
Product recovery systems are suitable for any application in the dairy and food industry, in the beverage industry as well as in the personal and health industry where valuable, viscous products can be pushed out of pipes using another medium without intermixing.
The entire Series 8000 family of laser pump products is based on Intense's next generation of single and multi-emitter chips that incorporate narrow beam divergence and Intense's patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology to maximise power, brightness, and reliability.
Intermixing both black-and-white and full-color images, the authors have assembled pictures of major personalities, views of the secession convention and the firing on Fort Sumter, as well as maps and monuments.