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Frequency variation of two or more electromagnetic waves transmitted simultaneously through a nonlinear electronic system.


(Electronics) electronics
a. interaction between two signals in electronic apparatus such that each affects the amplitude of the other
b. (as modifier): intermodulation distortion.
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AceAxis has developed a technique for detecting, monitoring, and mitigating passive intermodulation (PIM), along with a demonstration platform to assist in its integration into mobile base stations, the company said.
The planning required to accomplish these tasks was aided by a specialised software called Sennheiser Intermodulation Frequency Management (SIFM) which allowed the team to input the frequency ranges and receive a detailed frequency distribution plan for the building.
The iPA is one of many state-of-the-art products brought to market by Kaelus which was recently recognized with the 2012 Frost & Sullivan Global Market Leadership Award in Passive Intermodulation Test Equipment.
The scheme, layout and photo of the proposed intermodulation recycling rectifier are shown in Figures 3(a), (b), and (c), respectively.
According to the company, the solution covers the PCS and AWS cellular frequency ranges, providing field personnel with a test system that can help ensure optimum network performance and locate PIM faults before intermodulation distortion adversely affects signal transmission.
The DAC5687 delivers a signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) greater than 75 dBFS and 3rd order intermodulation (IMD3) greater than 81 dBc while allowing multi- carrier systems to operate with higher output power.
In this article, a new type of analog predistortion linearizer is proposed to generate and control predistorted third and higher order intermodulation signals (IM) separately.
This low-passive intermodulation (PIM), highly stable connector family is offered in both between series and in-series configurations, and is ideally suited for space-restricted, high-density and weight-sensitive applications targeting the wireless communications industry.
Developing the new dual-band Earth station came down to solving a physics principle that simultaneous transmission of Ku- and DBS-bands causes intermodulation or interference on the Earth station's receive band.
The MW82119B PIM Master combines a 40-W, battery-operated passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzer with a 2-MHz to 3-GHz cable and antenna analyzer, eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments to measure the RF performance of a cell site.
Advanced measurements offered include: channel power, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, harmonic distortion, third-order intermodulation distortion, phase noise.

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