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(Chemistry) occurring among or between molecules
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(ˌɪn tər məˈlɛk yə lər, -moʊ-)

existing or occurring between molecules.
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Adj.1.intermolecular - existing or acting between molecules; "intermolecular forces"; "intermolecular condensation"
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where l is the molecular MFP and [beta] is the correction factor representing the effect of intermolecular collisions.
Gecko toepads adhere through a combination of weak intermolecular forces, called van der Waals forces, and frictional adhesion.
Among his discoveries are: (i) density scaling of viscoelastic properties and its relation to the steepness of the intermolecular repulsive potential; (ii) the invariance of relaxation times at various phase transitions; (iii) the non-ideality of polymer isotope mixtures and dynamic heterogeneity in miscible blends; (iv) phenomena in rubbery networks, including properties of double network rubbers and the origin of the Mullins effect; and (v) elastomeric coatings that enhance the resistance of hard substrates to impact penetration, technology applicable to military armor and civilian infrastructure protection.
The draft guidance interprets "chemical action" to mean, "Through either chemical reaction or intermolecular forces or both, the product: mediates a bodily response at the cellular or molecular level, or combines with or modifies an entity so as to alter that entity's interaction with the body of man or other animals." ("Entity" includes chemicals and microbial life.) A ''chemical reaction" has occurred if covalent or ionic bonds have formed or been broken.
They are most commonly mixed with an inert substance (i.e., neutral, having no impact on intermolecular interactions).
His perspectives are mechanistic aspects of the SNAR reactions, structure and reactivity of anionic sigma-complexes, the superelectrophilic dimensions in SNAR and related sigma-complexation processes, synthetic aspects of intermolecular SNAR reactions, intramolecular SNAR reactions, nucleophilic aromatic substitution of hydrogen, and other SNAR substitution pathways.
This is because the gelation of a solvent by a gelator is the result of gelator-gelator and gelator-solvent interactions, which involve specific and nonspecific intermolecular forces.
The intermolecular dialogue is vital for reproduction in general, but it also serves functions that benefit the male and female individually, sometimes leading to a microscopic battle between the sexes, said Wolfner.
The Clarity OTX protocol uses a propriety mixture of chaotropes, detergents, and other dispersants to disrupt intermolecular interactions that are common for oligonucleotides in biological matrices.
Following an introduction to the fundamentals of thermodynamics and intermolecular forces, they present an introduction to the classical models and their applications, including cubic equations of state, activity coefficient models, and their combination in the EoS/GE mixing rules.

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