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Adj.1.intermural - between two or more institutions etc; "an intermural track meet"
extramural - carried on outside the bounds of an institution or community; "extramural sports"
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Along with intermural that are more often." "More intramural sports would be nice." "They could have more clubs that focus on PA Such as: Dancing, bicycling club, hiking club etc." Note: PA=Physical Activity
"The year after that, he did them all, including the Warden's." (66) The year after that, they rescheduled the intermural baseball season with other regional prison guards, to coincide with tax season.
Julian notes that the three artists are in different stages of their careers, yet each has undertaken a significant artistic exploration in a wide range of mediums and conceptual foundations, making them excellent candidates for 'intermural art.' The term was coined by Rafael Schacter, an acclaimed author, curator and anthropologist, to refer to street art that is simply a period of art.
Innovative are those that during the last 3 years (1) have successfully developed new or significantly improved product, production/supply practice, organisational/management practices or structures, marketing methods and logistical or business process, and/or (2) have invested in (intermural or extramural) R&D and and/ or gave employees time to develop or try out a new approach or new idea about products or services, business process, firm management or marketing.
(24.) Accord Gerald Lebovits et al., Winning the Moot Court Argument: A Guide for Intramural and Intermural Moot Court Competitors, 41 Cap.
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