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Noun1.internal drive - a drive mounted inside of a computer
drive - (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium
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Huawei and the University of Warsaw agreed that the HPC cluster for Apache Spark will be installed at ICM's new data centre facility in Warsaw, and will be among the largest installations for Apache Spark in Europe, comprising of more than 8,000 CPU cores, 43TB of aggregate RAM and 8PB of internal disk space.
The new ServMax PipeLine, has been specially tuned and optimized to deliver the ultimate in internal disk I/O and cold traffic fetch I/O the CDN industry has yet seen.
The deal would give Western Digital, a company focused mostly on the consumer external hard drive segment, a greater foothold in the data center internal disk drive space.
It can also be used as data backup of the internal disk drive.
The P4000 is an appliance that can run on any physical server and creates a SAN by combining internal disk drive capacity from up to 16 virtual servers.
The Sun Fire X4150 server, powered by the Intel Xeon processor 5300 series, is a two-socket 1U system featuring over 1TB of high-performance internal disk storage.
An internal disk activates easily and provides consistent warmth (with an approximate temperature of 105[degrees]F) quickly and accurately.
But when data is being read and written across an IP-SAN instead of to internal disk drives, users are concerned that network latencies will degrade server performance.
BCC is the only manufacturer of internal disk for the iSeries besides IBM, and the only maker of both disk and tape products for the iSeries.
The nonvolatile version incorporates an Internal Disk and Battery Unit (IDBU).
A 24-image digital storage unit (the removable memory card used in a digital camera) costs about $50 but can be used again and again once the pictures are erased or stored on a computer's internal disk drive or floppy disks.
In addition, the Onyx2 Reality system is based on the modular design of the CC-NUMA architecture, enabling customers to integrate additional processor, main memory and internal disk storage.

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