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Noun1.internal drive - a drive mounted inside of a computer
drive - (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium
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Scan individual and multiple folders in internal hard drive and external devices like cameras, USB drives, memory cards, iPods, etc.
Built in gel warmer, 500 GB internal hard drive with the minimum of 300 GB image storage.
There's even an optional internal hard drive on which you can store your own music to play instantly, with no streaming or buffering.
Xbox One typically ships with a 500GB internal hard drive, with last week's Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare console increasing the storage space to 1TB.
IT WAS QUITE A MOMENT FOR ME--one that will "stick" in the internal hard drive that stores my bowhunting memories.
It's a hi-fi system that automatically rips CDs on to its internal hard drive.
It has a black aluminum body that keeps the unit cool and isolates noise from the optional internal hard drive.
Significantly speeding workflow for busy surgeons, the unit supports simultaneous recording on an internal hard drive and two external media such as Blu-ray disc and USB portable hard drive.
22 GHz Intel Atom Z520 processor, a 250GB internal hard drive and a memory of up to 2GB of DDR2.
Featuring HD, a high-resolution screen and an internal hard drive ranging in size from 60GB to 120GB, this media player will keep you occupied with top-notch playback on any journey.
For the more discerning UK market the CTS Sport Wagon will include features such as a fully integrated 'infotainment' system with 40-gigabyte internal hard drive and pop-up navigation screen plus a hand-cut-andsewn leather interior.
The vehicle features a signature V-shaped deck and tailgate motif, large vertical tail lamps with light-pipe technology, a power-opening liftgate, CHMSL integrated in the roof spoiler, an integrated roof load management system with cross bars, all-wheel drive, a 40-gigabyte internal hard drive, pop-up navigation screen and a hand-cut-and-sewn interior with Sapele wood accents.