international unit

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international unit

n. Abbr. IU
1. The quantity of a biologically active substance, such as a hormone or vitamin, required to produce a specific response.
2. A unit of potency for similarly active substances, based on this quantity and accepted as an international standard.
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in′terna′tional u′nit

1. an internationally accepted standard, derived by bioassay, to which samples of a pharmaceutical substance are compared for ascertaining their relative potency.
2. the specific biologically effective quantity of such a substance.
Abbr.: IU
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international unit

A unit for measuring a biologically active substance, such as a hormone or vitamin.
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International unit

n. unidad internacional, medida de una sustancia definida aceptada por la Conferencia Internacional de Unificación de Fórmulas.
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Sanofi, a France-based pharmaceutical company, has filed a lawsuit against Merck's international unit over alleged patent infringements, it was reported yesterday.
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The transaction strengthens Sonangol's previously announced decision to block the sale of the Angolan oil-field stake to Cnooc Limited (CEO) and the international unit of China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec).
Cable & Wireless sells voice, Internet and wireless networking services to consumers and businesses through its international unit for the Caribbean, Panama and Macau, and its worldwide unit for Europe, Asia and the US.
PepsiCo's international unit, which includes all PepsiCo business in the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, will continue to be led by Mike White, PepsiCo vice chairman and CEO of PepsiCo International.
Kluwer Law International unit Aspen Publishers (New York), in cooperation with the Singapore International Arbitration Center, has begun the publication of the "Asian International Arbitration Journal" with an issue in August.
In November, AWG posted a 14 per cent fall in interim pretax profit due to the sale of an international unit, although the company cheered some investors with the resumption of a cash dividend.
After taking part in the acquisition and turnaround of Chile's Barcel, formerly a unit of Mexico's Bimbo, and of Venezuela's Savoy, purchased from Empresas Polar, he is now at the company's high-flying international unit, Sabritas.
For the nine-month period, the international unit's operating profit grew by 69 percent to $1.28 billion from $754 million last year.
* Unilever, London, UK, is looking to sell its Cosmetics International unit, which includes Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Nautica and Vera Wang fragrances.
Through its Ace International unit, the group also insures the wine industry "from grape to glass," he said.
Portugal Telecom's PT International unit has a 28% stake in CTM.

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